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Ace Combat Advance
In the year 2032, globalization has blurred the borders between countries, and multinational corporations have become worldwide economic superpowers. ..
UPC: 722674500098
We'll Pay You: $0.60

Activision Anthology
Do you ever wish you still had your old Atari 2600 to plug in and play some of those classic games? Well, here is your chance, blast back to the '80s ..
UPC: 618870401201
We'll Pay You: $5.95

Advance Wars
Just because this battle fits in the palm of your hand doesn't mean the stakes are small. On the contrary, this all-or-nothing fight will have you acc..
UPC: 045496731458
We'll Pay You: $8.73

Advance Wars 2: Black Hole Rising
ADVANCED WARS 2, the sequel to the AIAS 2001 Handheld Game of the Year, expands on the original title with even more strategic action and all-new feat..
UPC: 045496733124
We'll Pay You: $6.17

Adventures of Jimmy Neutron
Jimmy Neutron Boy Genius has gotten himself in a completely new world of trouble, or should we say new dimension of trouble? In THE ADVENTURES OF JIMM..
UPC: 785138321103
We'll Pay You: $0.25

Adventures of Jimmy Neutron Boy Genius: Jet Fusion
You as Jimmy Neutron have made The Virtual World Reproducing Machine that transforms Retroville into the world of your favorite spy Jet Fusion bringin..
UPC: 785138321493
We'll Pay You: $0.25

Aero the Acrobat
Why would anyone want to terrorize the World of Amusement Funpark? The demented ex-circus clown named Edgar Ektor has developed a plot to shut down th..
UPC: 650001771142
We'll Pay You: $0.41

Aggressive Inline
CHRIS EDWARDS AGGRESSIVE INLINE SKATING is the first inline skating game for any next-generation console. Grab your inline skates and get ready to pul..
UPC: 021481522935
We'll Pay You: $0.25

AirForce Delta Storm
The war is on, and you're in the pilot's seat. Updating a classic air-warfare model and shrinking it down for Game Boy Advance owners, AIRFORCE DELTA ..
UPC: 083717500377
We'll Pay You: $1.18

Altered Beast: Guardians of the Realm
Zeus, creator and ruler of the Guardians of the Gates, raises you from your grave! You must go fourth and defeat a new, unknown evil that has destroye..
UPC: 785138321189
We'll Pay You: $1.28

American Bass Challenge
The thrill of bass fishing comes to the GBA in the form of the exciting AMERICAN BASS CHALLENGE. Begin in Practice mode, and then ease your way into T..
UPC: 008888140122
We'll Pay You: $0.82

American Idol
AMERICAN IDOL, the music-based rhythm-action game, allows players to create, style, train a character and compete as a singer. Each virtual contestant..
UPC: 767649400683
We'll Pay You: $0.25


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