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A Bug's Life
Based on the hit Disney movie, A BUG'S LIFE is gaming at its best. Featuring a fully interactive 3D environment (pleasantly brought to life by cinemat..
UPC: 711719428824
We'll Pay You: $0.25

Get on the right track. A-TRAIN for the PlayStation puts you in charge of an entire railroad system, from finances to fares; and you'll even be in con..
UPC: 046357102332
We'll Pay You: $0.25

Ace Combat 2
PlayStation pilots rejoice! The PlayStation finally has a fantastic flight sim or fighter to call it's own. ACE COMBAT 2 is the most realistic flight ..
UPC: 722674020688
We'll Pay You: $2.00

Ace Combat 3: Electrosphere
The skies just got a little more fun with the release of ACE COMBAT 3, the sequel to the #1 Action or Flying game ACE COMBAT 2. With 22 new aircraft, ..
UPC: 722674020909
We'll Pay You: $0.47

Aces of the Air
If you love classic aircraft, you're in for a real treat. A PSX exclusive, ACES OF THE AIR allows you to take vintage planes through sprawling 3D miss..
UPC: 093992074302
We'll Pay You: $0.60

Action Bass
Much like the early bird that catches the worm, the early gamer gets his hands on ACTION BASS. If you enjoy fishing simulations, then ACTION BASS is r..
UPC: 710425230509
We'll Pay You: $0.25

Activision Classics
Attention old-school gamers! Activision has compiled 30 classic Atari 2600 games on one disk, resulting in ACTIVISION CLASSICS. Relive the excitement ..
UPC: 047875103818
We'll Pay You: $0.31

Adventures of Lomax
His friends have been kidnapped and his town is in chaos. What is a lemming to do? The only thing he can do: save his friends and return order to the ..
UPC: 711719490623
We'll Pay You: $16.63

Agile Warrior F-111X
Evil terrorists have threatened the safety of the country. It is your job to stop the terrorists by flying the AGILE WARRIOR F-111X (the most advanced..
UPC: 052145880030
We'll Pay You: $0.46

Air Combat
Strike fear into the hearts of terrorists as you and your elite squadron of mercenary fighters hired by NATO hunt each and every one of them down via ..
UPC: 722674020503
We'll Pay You: $0.25

Akuji: The Heartless
Possession has never been so fun. You play the role of Akuji, who was viciously murdered by his brother on his wedding day. From the underworld, you p..
UPC: 788687302630
We'll Pay You: $0.46

Alien Resurrection
Ripley is back! This time she's stuck in a space station rigged to self-destruct. Help her travel through 10 levels of face-huggers, chest-bursters, a..
UPC: 086162046087
We'll Pay You: $3.06


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